Readers React

“Takes us on a breathless thrill ride, confronting generations of family drama that

leave us amazed and stunned"

- Ed Cunningham, Philadelphia broadcaster

In this extraordinary, shockingly personal, historically mind-expanding true-life adventure, he establishes himself as a major player in the ranks of America's greatest storytellers

- Phil Proctor, actor (stage, film, Firesign Theater), author of "Where's My Fortune Cookie?"

A fine writer whose sentences are toothsome and nourishing, turning in unexpected directions

- Ben Yagoda, educator and author of "Will Rogers - A Biography" and "The B-Side"

Clearly and evocatively told

- Timothy Ferris, author of "Coming of Age in the Milky Way" and "The Whole Shebang"

All of the elements that make a great story (and great storyteller)... incredible and true. Murder, intrigue, longing, redemption, unsolved mysteries, solved mysteries, it's all there!

- Anne P. Mitchell, Amazon Hall of Fame reviewer

“Quite a 'larger than life' story... Kudos for his investigation

and determination to find the truth"

- Jim McCarty, drummer for The Yardbirds, Renaissance and other groups

A remarkable true story, well researched and engagingly recounted

- Paula Bernstein, author of "How To Be Golden"

other reader comments: 

"The story was compelling and jaw-dropping.... I eagerly kept reading to find out what happened next"


"A twisty tale of Americana...  witty, literate, thoroughly engaging"

“Characters and what they’ve experienced are colorful and interestingly complex”