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The Most Curious, Surprising ‘Finding Family’ Story You Ever Heard

On an episode of a TV quiz show from the early 1960s, a writer finds the father he never knew - an underwater adventurer diving for treasure and bodies on sunken U-boats, after leaving the author’s mother behind. 

The diver’s own father, a crusading journalist, is killed in an effort to keep the lid on a scandal that threatens Texas politics and a future president - and the corrupt sheriff who murdered him is found dead in his cell.

The existence of eight previously unknown siblings comes to light, and the author races the clock to find his oldest brother, an honored “cold case” homicide detective with a threatening health problem. A curious circumstance brings the author closer to his father than he ever expected, as he deals with a lifetime of disconnect, anger and forgiveness.

"Please Stand Up" is a completely true, poignant and sardonic tumbling tale of a family line, set against the backdrop of unique chapters of the American parade.

What It's About

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